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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Information Services Department
Local Public Relations Division
Departmental Information and Public Relations Unit
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Address 17/F, Leisure and Cultural Services Headquarters, 1-3 Pai Tau Street, Shatin, NT
Fax 2602 1671
Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Ms. CHEN Li Li, Lily Ch Infn Offr 2601 8627
Mr. LAM Pui Kei, Leo Prin Infn Offr (Leisure Services) 2601 8739
Ms. WONG Mang Ching, Terry Prin Infn Offr (Cultural Services) 2601 8733
2268 7206(HK Cultural Centre)
Ms. CHENG Hoi Ting, Heidi Sr Infn Offr (Leisure) 2601 8738
Ms. LEUNG Ka Yu, Yvonne Sr Infn Offr (Sports) 2601 8737
Ms. LUI Yuen Shan, Sandy Sr Infn Offr (Publications) 2601 8732
Mr. LEUNG Chi Chung, Ringo Sr Infn Offr (Design) 2601 8641
VACANT Sr Infn Offr (Heritage & Museums) 2724 9060
Ms. NG Kar Chai, Pearl Sr Infn Offr (Film and Library) 2734 2927
Mr. LO Cheuk Yu, Kenny Infn Offr (Leisure) 2601 8736
Mr. CHAN Chung Wai, Perry Infn Offr (Sports) 2601 8633
Miss YU Hei Kan, Gabrielle Infn Offr (Film and Library) 2734 2905
VACANT Infn Offr (Publications) 2601 8634
Mrs. KEUNG WONG Sui Ling, Elaine Infn Offr (Design) 2601 8640
Mr. YIU Chi Fai Infn Offr (Photo) 2601 8735
Ms. WONG Wing Chi, Margaret Infn Offr (Heritage & Museums) 2724 8182
Mr. IP Chin Ho, Sunny Asst Infn Offr (Leisure) 2601 8638
Miss LEUNG Yuen Tung, Zelina Asst Infn Offr (Sports) 2601 8646
Miss LEUNG Ching Yan, Yuko Asst Infn Offr (Publications) 2601 8637
Miss LAI Chui Yee, Kenice Asst Infn Offr (Design)1 2601 8648
Mr. HO Tat Man, Thomas Asst Infn Offr (Design)2 2601 8734
Miss LI Lim Hei, Lilian Asst Infn Offr (Film and Library) 2734 2949
Miss SHEK Yu Ling, Elaine Asst Infn Offr (Heritage & Museums) 2724 9075
Mr. NGAN Kei Fung Asst Infn Offr (Photo)1 2601 8643
Miss YUEN Siu Kan, Kay Asst Infn Offr (Photo)2 2601 8645
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