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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Cultural Services Branch
Heritage and Museums Division
History Museums Section
Hong Kong Museum of History

Address 3/F, 100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Office Tel 2724 9042
Fax 2724 9094
Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Ms. WONG Sau Lan, Belinda Museum Dir(Museum of History) 2724 9010
Mr. SUN Tak Wing, Kevin Curator(Museum of History)Education/Extension and Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum 2724 9012
Mr. CHEUNG Yui Sum, Terence Curator(Museum of History)Exhibition and Research 2724 9013
Ms. HO Wai Yee, Joyce Curator(Museum of History)Collection and Museum of Coastal Defence 2724 9011
Mr. CHAN Shing Hon, Osmond Curator(Museum of History)Special Duty 2481 7219
Mr. CHAU Hing Wah Curator(Museum of History)Special Duty/Archaeology 2724 9992
Ms. PANG Wai Lin, Maggie Sr Mgr (Museum of History) Revamping Projects 2406 9498
Miss KWOK Yee Shan, Dionne Sr Mgr(Museum of History) 2724 9014
Ms. CHUNG Oi yee, Joan Mgr(Museum of History) 2724 9037
Ms. LAW Ho Yen, Clara Asst Mgr(Museum of History)Bldg Mgt 2724 9039
Ms. CHU Sin Yi, Cindy Asst Mgr(Museum of History)Ops 2724 8137
Miss TSE Yuk Fung Asst Mgr(Museum of History)Patron Services and Marketing 2724 9076
Ms. KWOK Yuen Tung, Nicole EO(Museum of History) 2724 9040
Mr. LI Kin, Brayden EO(Museum of History)2 2965 9789
Miss CHEUNG Wing Ki, Sophie EO(Museum of History)Special Duty 2724 6538
Ms. NG Cheuk Ying, Noelle Asst Curator I(Mueum of History)Archaeology 2724 9027
Ms. LEUNG Tsui Kwan, Erica Asst Curator I(Museum of History)Collection Mgt 2724 9031
Ms. CHAN Wing Sze, Doris Asst Curator I(Museum of History)Education Activities 2724 9018
Mr. CHOW Chi Lim Asst Curator I(Museum of History)Ethnography 2724 9021
Ms. PANG Siu Yuk, Joyce Asst Curator I(Museum of History)Extension Services 2724 9024
Mr. WONG Nai Kwan Asst Curator I(Museum of History)Natural History 2724 9015
Ms. LAU Sze Wing, Carol Asst Curator I(Museum of History)Urban & Oral History 2724 9034
Mr. NG Man Kin Asst Curator I (Museum of History)Special Duty 2724 6528
Ms. CHAN Ka Yan, Rachel Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Archaeology 2724 9028
Mr. FOK Wang Hau Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Collection Management 1 2724 9091
Mr. SHIU Ka Cheung Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Collection Management 2 2724 9032
Ms. LAM Tsz Sum Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Docent 2724 9020
Miss LIU Kit Ying Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Ethnography 1 2724 9023
Ms. LEE Wing Tung Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Ethnography 2 2724 9022
Miss LUI Sze Nga, Ida Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Extension Services 2724 9025
Ms. LEUNG Wing Lam Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Historical Archive 2724 9033
Miss CHAN Yee Wa, Joey Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Natural History 2724 9016
Ms. NAM Kin Yan Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Programme 2724 9019
Mr. KWOK Yee Ho Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Special Duty 1 2763 7310
Mr. MAK Ho Yin Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Special Duty 2 2763 7367
Ms. CHUN Wai Wa Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Urban & Oral History 1 2569 1354
Mr. LEE Wai Tak Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Urban & Oral History 2 2724 9036
Mr. LEUNG Wai Kit Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Urban & Oral History 3 2724 9029
Mr. TSE Tak San, Samuel Asst Curator II(Museum of History)Collaboration 2724 1062
Ms. NG Wai Kwan, Jennifer Sr Designer(Museum of History) 2724 9045
Ms. CHAN Fook Wai, Jessica Designer I(Museum of History)Exhibition 2724 9047
Miss LOUIE Oi Hang, Karen Designer I(Museum of History)Publication 2724 9048
Ms. AU Suk Man Designer I(Museum of History)Special Duty 2724 6518
Ms. NG Kei Ian Designer I(Museum of History)Multimedia 2724 9007
Ms. HUANG Yuen Yu Designer II(Museum of History)Exhibition 1 2724 9051
Ms. MA Kwai Ching Designer II(Museum of History)Exhibition 2 2724 9050
Ms. YEN Shuk Fun Designer II(Museum of History)Exhibition 3 2724 9052
Mr. KWAN Wing Lee Designer II(Museum of History)Exhibition 4 2896 7618
Miss KO Ching Man Designer II(Museum of History)Publication 1 2724 8119
Mr. FU Chun Yiu Designer II(Museum of History)Publication 2 2724 8127
Miss PO Oi Ki, Elkie Designer II(Museum of History)Publication 3 2724 9078
Mr. CHIU Ka Leong Tech Offr I(Museum of History)Engineering 2724 9046
Mr. YEE Wai Choy Tech Offr II(Museum of History)Mechanical Engineering 2724 9049
Mr. WONG Tak Kei Tech Offr II(Museum of History)Electronic Engineering 2724 8132
Ms. NG Cheuk Ying, Noelle Asst Curator I(Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum) 2724 9027
Mr. CHOW Chi Lim Asst Curator I(Law Uk Folk Museum) 2724 9021
Ms. YEUNG Yuet Nui, Novem CO(Museum of History) 2724 9041
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