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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Government Logistics Department

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Miss CHOW Shuk Ching, Mary Director of Government Logistics 2231 5100
Miss Helen TANG, JP Deputy Director of Government Logistics 2231 5101
Service Name Bureau / Department / Related Organisation Office Tel Email
Enquiry (General) Government Logistics Department 2231 5105

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Government Logistics Department


Administration Division

Administration Section

Personnel Registry

Tender Board

General Registry

Confidential Registry

Allocated Store

Training Unit

Accounts Section

Land Transport Division

Management Section

Management & Review

Technical Support and Vehicle Standards

Vehicle Procurement

Operations Section

Grade Management

Transport Operations

Training and Testing

Support Section

Fleet Information Management

Vehicle Hiring Contracts

Management Services Division

Supplies Surveys and Stock Verification Section

Administration Unit

Internal Audit & Unallocated Stores Survey Unit

Departmental Stores Survey Unit

Systems Administration Section

Printing Division

Business Management

Business Section

Team A

Team B

Support Section


Scheduling Section

Pre-Press Unit

Systems Management Section

Works Section

Printing Unit

Finishing Unit

Security Unit

Procurement Division

Procurement Section 1

Group A

Group B

Procurement Section 2

Group D

Group E

Procurement Administration Section

Procurement Administration Team

Technical Secretariat

Procurement Research Unit

Procurement Management Team

Supplier Record Unit

Procurement Systems Team

Supplies Management Division

Grade Management Section

Provisioning & Inspection Section

P&IA Unit

P&IB Unit

P&IC Unit

Printing Supplies Unit

Procurement and Store Team

Storage & Distribution Section

Storage & Distribution Unit

Security Office

Transportation Unit

Quarters Furniture Inventories Unit

Disposal & Furniture Store

Unallocated Store