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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Department of Health
Centre for Health Protection
Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch
Central Health Education Unit

Address 7/F Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Office Tel 2572 1476
Fax 2591 6127
Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. FUNG Yu Kei, Anne (On leave from 13.7.2019 to 21.7.2019) Asst Dir of Health(Health Promotion) 2835 1822
2835 1817
Dr. CHIM Pak Wing Sr Med & Health Offr(Health Promotion)1 2835 1827
Dr. SO Man Chit, Amen Sr Med & Health Offr(Health Promotion)2 2835 1828
Dr. MAN Lai, Sylvia Med & Health Offr (Health Promotion)1 2835 1853
Dr. KO Yuet Ching, Luna Med & Health Offr(Health Promotion)3 2835 1824
Dr. CHAN Wai Keung, William Med & Health Offr(Health Promotion)4 2835 1829
Ms. HUI Ka Lai, Susanna Sr Nursing Offr (Health Promotion) 2835 1878
Ms. CHEUNG Yin Ting Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)1 2835 2242
Ms. NGAI Ka Yan, Karen Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)2 2835 1819
Ms. WONG Yik Kei, Sandy Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)3 2835 1815
Ms. CHUNG Yuk Shan, Angie Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)4 2835 1848
Ms. CHEUNG Kit Yee Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)5 2835 1866
Ms. CHAN Hoi Yan, Cathy Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)6 2835 1823
Ms. WONG Ming Yee Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)8 2835 1849
Ms. NG Suet Yi, Shirley Registered Nurse(Health Promotion)1 2835 1889
Ms. MAN Sin Ting, Cindy Registered Nurse(Health Promotion)3 2835 2401
Ms. CHEUNG Wai, Cherrie Prin Infn Offr (Health Promotion) 2835 2268
Ms. HUI Wai Chi, Christine Sr Infn Offr (Health Promotion) 2835 1388
Ms. CHAN Suet Wing, Erica Media & Marketing Mgr 2835 1081
Mr. HUI Yun Hing, Ryan Media & Marketing Mgr (Digital Media) 2835 1793
Ms. POON Sin Man, Carmen Media & Marketing Mgr (Copyright) 2835 2249
Ms. Nicola CHANG Infn Offr (Health Promotion) 2835 1279
Mr. SIU Martin Official Language Offr II 2835 1852
Ms. CHEUNG Yuk Lin, Porky Sr. Dietitian(HP)1 2835 1092
Ms. KWAN Shuk Ying, Mandy Sr. Dietitian(HP)2 2835 1679
Ms. CHEUNG Yuk Lin, Porky Dietitian 2835 1092
Ms. KWAN Shuk Ying, Mandy Dietitian2 2835 1679
Ms. SHUM Man Sze, Mansy Dietitian(HP)3 2835 2133
Ms. TO Kit Ching, Loretta Scientific Offr (Health Promotion)1 2835 1794
Miss LUK Yee Kam, Sharon Scientific Offr (Health Promotion)2 2835 1792
Miss TAO Wing Yan, Virginia Scientific Offr (Health Promotion)3 2835 1271
Ms. WONG Hiu Fai, Jennifer Research Offr(Health Promotion)1 2835 2138
Ms. LAU Oi Yi, Iris Health Promotion Offr(Health Promotion)1 2835 2111
Ms. HO Ka Yi, Ivy Health Promotion Offr(Health Promotion)2 2835 2118
Ms. LAM Chor Yee, Mandy Health Promotion Offr(Health Promotion)3 2835 2068
Mr. TAI Ho Lun, Elvis Health Promotion Offr(Health Promotion)4 2835 2122
Mr. SZE Kin Cheung, Ringo Health Promotion Offr(Health Promotion)5 2835 2203
Mr. YEE Chi Wai Systems Mgr(Health Promotion) 2835 1796
Mr. CHAN Chi Shun, Paul SEO(Health Promotion) 2835 1821
Miss YUEN Man Ki, Vicki EO(Health Promotion)2 2835 1814
Ms. TANG Shuk Yee, Zoe Asst Mgr(Health Promotion)2 2835 1933
Ms. LI Kam Fung, Vicky SSI (Health Promotion) 2835 1863
Miss WONG Miu Yin, Peggy CO(Health Promotion) 2835 1820

Central Health Education Unit
Communicable Diseases and Risk Communication Team

Address Rm 220-221, 2/F CHP Building, 147C Argyle Street, Kowloon
Fax 3188 0594
Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. HO Mei Lin Sr Med & Health Offr (Health Promotion)3 2125 2103
Dr. WONG Hoi kei Med & Health Offr(Health Promotion)5 2125 2121
Mr. WONG Siu Leung Nursing Offr(Health Promotion)7 2125 2115
Ms. WONG Yee Man, Jacqueline Registered Nurse(Health Promotion)2 2125 2114
Ms. CHEUNG Pik Ying, Teresa Registered Nurse(Health Promotion)4 2125 2116
Mr. LAM Chun Ho, Sam EO(Health Promotion)1 2125 2120
Mr. WU Yiu Cheong ACO(HP)9 2125 2117
Mr. LAU Ka Chung, Chris ACO(HP)1 2125 2118
1. For those calling from places outside Hong Kong, please dial the area code "852" before the telephone number (not applicable to overseas offices).
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