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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Department of Health

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. CHAN Hon Yee, Constance, JP Dir of Health 2961 8888
2961 8900
Dr. WONG Ka Hing, JP Contr, Centre for Health Protection 2961 8889
2961 8901
Dr. CHIU Pui Yin, Amy, JP Contr, Regulatory Affairs 2961 8880
2961 8906
Dr. LAM Tak Chiu, Wiley, JP Consultant i/c Dental Services 2961 8899
2961 8915
Dr. LAM Man Kin, Ronald, JP Dep Dir of Health 2961 8890
2961 8902
Service Name Bureau / Department / Related Organisation Office Tel Email
General Enquiries Department of Health 2961 8989
2961 8991

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Department of Health

Health Services and Administration

Elderly Health Branch

Elderly Health Service

Health Care Voucher Division

Client Relations Division

Family and Student Health Branch

Family Health Service

Student Health Service

Specialised Services Branch

Child Assessment Service

Clinical Genetic Service

Professional Development and Quality Assurance Service

Administration and Policy Office

Departmental Administration Division

Clinic Administration and Planning Division

Information and Public Relations Division

Internal Audit Section

Finance and Supplies Office

Finance Division (1)

Finance Division (2)

Supplies Section

Health Administration and Planning Office

Health Administration Division

Service and Manpower Planning Division

Public Health Nursing Division

Training and Development Section

Health Informatics and Technology Office

Administration Section

Health Informatics Division

Technology Services Division

Health Protection

Communicable Disease Branch

Epidemiology Division

Surveillance Division

Administration Section

Port Health Division

Emergency Response and Programme Management Branch

Emergency Response and Exercise Division

Administration Division

Programme Management and Vaccination Division

Emergency Preparedness and District Relations Division

Health Promotion Branch

Communicable Disease and Risk Communication Division

Community Liaison Division

Infection Control Branch

Non-Communicable Disease Branch

Colorectal Cancer Screening Division

Health Programme Division

Health Statistics Division

Public Health Laboratory Services Branch

Administration Section

Chemical Pathology and Haematology Division

Histopathology and Cytology Division

Microbiology Division

Public Health Services Branch

Social Hygiene Service

Special Preventive Programme

Tuberculosis and Chest Service

Regulatory Affairs

Boards & Councils Office

Central Registration Office

Chiropractors Council Secretariat

Dental Council Secretariat

Medical Council Secretariat

Complaints and Discipline Team of Medical Council Secretariat

Secretariat for Licentiate Committee of Medical Council

Nursing Council of HK and Midwives Council Secretariat

Pharmacy & Poisons Board Secretariat

Radiation Board Secretariat

Secretariat for Council on Human Reproductive Technology

Secretariat for Human Organ Transplant Board

Supplementary Med Professions Council & its Statutory Boards Secretariat

Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office

Chinese Medicine Council Secretariat

Chinese Medicine Development Committee Secretariat

Chinese Medicines Information and Research Division

Chinese Medicines Management Division

Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute

Risk Analysis and Management Division

Drug Office

Administration Division

Drug Procurement and Clinic Service Division

Risk Management and Operations Division

Licensing and Compliance Division

Drug Evaluation and Import/Export Control Division

Drug Information and Pharmacovigilance Division

Clinic Dispensaries

Health Sciences and Technology Office

Health Technology and Advisory Division

Medical Device Division

Narcotics and Drug Administration Division

Radiation Health Division

Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities

Licensing Division

Quality and Standards Division

Administration Division

Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office

Forensic Pathology Service

Kowloon Division

Hong Kong Division

New Territories Division

Dental Services

Dental Service Head Office

Civil Servants Dental Service

Government Dental Clinics

Government Orthodontic Clinics

Community Special Dental Service

Elderly Special Dental Care Division

Adult Special Dental Care Division

Preschool Special Dental Care Division

Hospital Dental Service

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Clinics

School Dental Care Service

Oral Health Education Division

School Dental Clinics

Dental Regulatory and Law Enforcement Office

Dental Service Administration Office

Dental Service Management Division

Dental Information Technology Division

Dental Supplies Section

Dental Laboratory Section