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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Department of Health
Centre for Health Protection
Public Health Laboratory Services Branch
Microbiology Division

Address Public Health Laboratory Centre, 382 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon
Office Tel 2319 8667
Fax 2776 2553
Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. TSANG Ngai Chong, Dominic Consultant (Microbiology)1 2319 8254
Dr. CHAN Chi Wai, Rickjason Consultant (Microbiology)2 2319 8255

Microbiology Division
Team 1

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. HUI Sau Chun, Irene Sr Med & Health Offr 2319 8574
Dr. KWONG Fung Ming, Jasmine Sr Med & Health Offr 2319 8357
Vacant Sr Med & Health Offr
Mr. CHENG Kwok Chu, Peter Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8390
Dr. TAI Lai Shan, Amy Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8570
Mr. MAK Chun Kit, Gannon Scientific Offr (Med) 2776 5774
Ms. TO Pui Chi, Amanda Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8580
Mr. CHEUNG Yuk Yam Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8682
Mr. WONG Chi Sun Research Offr 2319 8427
Dr. CHAN Chi Hang, Stanley Research Offr 2319 8300
Ms. AU Wai Fun, Iris Sr Med Technologist 2319 8629
Mr. LAU Chi Shan Sr Med Technologist 2319 8236
Mr. LO Yuet Kuen Sr Med Technologist 2319 8245
Ms. LAI Yuen Yee, Mary Sr Med Technologist 2319 8294

Microbiology Division
Team 2

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. LAM Tin Keung, Edman Sr Med & Health Offr 2319 8216
Dr. YIP Sum, Lisa Med & Health Offr 2319 8406
Dr. NG King Man, Kevin Med & Health Offr 2319 8571
Dr. LEUNG Wing Cheung, Tommy Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8572
Dr. CHEUNG Pui Yi, Polly Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8318
Dr. WONG Chun Kwan, Anthony Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8318
Mr. WOO Kei Sheng, Gibson Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8385
Ms. LUEY Kit Yee Sr Med Technologist (Ag.) 2319 8323
Ms. KONG Shuk Yin, Margaret Sr Med Technologist (Ag.) 2319 8241
Mr. TAM Cheuk San, John Sr Med Technologist 2319 8293

Microbiology Division
Team 3

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. TSE Herman Sr Med & Health Offr 2319 8355
Dr. CHAN Chiu Hang Med & Health Offr 2319 8466
Mr. YIP Chi Wai, Peter Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8546
Dr. CHU Yiu Wai Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8685
Mr. CHEUNG Kin Man, Terrence Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8683
Ms. LEUNG Ka Ling, Pat Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8684
Dr. TSANG Ka Lun, Alan Scientific Offr (Med) 2319 8278
Mr. FONG Chee Man Sr Med Technologist 2319 8403
Ms. TSANG Ka lok, Grand Sr Med Technologist 2319 8212
Ms. NGAN Yin Wa, Jessie Sr Med Technologist 2319 8350
1. For those calling from places outside Hong Kong, please dial the area code "852" before the telephone number (not applicable to overseas offices).
2. All data on this website are provided and updated by respective bureaux / departments.