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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Department of Health
Regulatory Affairs and Health Services
Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities
Licensing Section

Address Room 402, 4/F, 14 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong
Office Tel 3107 8451
Fax 2126 7515
Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. MAK Wai Lai, Darwin Prin Med & Health Offr(Private Healthcare Facilities)1 3107 8488
3107 8489
Ms. IP Wai Hing, Polly ACO to Prin Med & Health Offr(Private Healthcare Facilities)1 3107 8489

Licensing Section
Licensing Unit

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. AU Wing Yee, Winnie Sr Med & Health Offr(Licensing Section)1 3107 8486
Dr. MAK Siu Kuen Sr Med & Health Offr(Licensing Section)2 3107 2124
Vacant Sr Med & Health Offr(Licensing Section)3
Dr. SHUM Kin Cheong, John Med & Health Offr(Licensing Section)1 3107 8485
Dr. LEE Yu Hong, Mark Med & Health Offr(Licensing Section)2 3107 2117
Dr. POON Suen Yu, Stephanie Med & Health Offr(Private Hospital)3 3107 1382
Ms. CHEUK Lok Yi, Phoenix Nursing Offr(Private Hospital)1 3107 8457
Mr. WONG Siu Pan Nursing Offr(Licensing Section)2 3107 2019
Ms. KEUNG Yuen Kwan, Natalie Nursing Offr(Licensing Section)3 3107 8468
Ms. HO Wing Lam, Joyce Nursing Offr(Licensing Section)4 3107 2689
Ms. YUEN Hoi Ki Registered Nurse(Licensing Section)1 3107 8467
Miss SO Mei Ying, Sophie Registered Nurse(Licensing Section)2 3107 2690
Ms. LO Pui Man Registered Nurse(Licensing Section)3 3107 3426
Ms. CHUI Ka Yan Registered Nurse(Licensing Section)4 3107 3514
Ms. CHOW Ka Wai Health Inspector(School Health)1 3107 8476
Ms. YU Lai Fong, Deborah Health Inspector(School Health)2 3107 8477
Ms. HSIEH Lai Nga, Anita Health Inspector(School Health)3 3107 8478
Ms. NGAI Chi Ying, Jane Sr Hospital Administrator(Licensing Section) 3107 1363
Mr. SUEN Yuk Lam, Kelvin Hospital Administrator (Licensing Section)1 3107 3254
Ms. CHIU Kong Hung, Kammy Assistant Clerical Officer (Licensing Section)1 3107 2771
Ms. SIU Wing Wai, Miranda Clerical Asst(Licensing Section)1 3107 8452
Ms. NG Kit Ying, Kari Clerical Asst(Licensing Section)2 3107 2771

Licensing Section
Quality and Standard Unit

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Dr. LAW Yuk Lung Sr Med & Health Offr(Quality and Standard) 3107 2989
Ms. KO Siu Shan, Lucia Ch Nursing Offr(Private Healthcare Facilities) 3107 2648
Mr. LEUNG Ka Fai Sr Nursing Offr(Private Healthcare Facilities)1 3107 8465
Ms. LAM Ching Man, Crystal Sr Nursing Offr(Private Hospital)2 3107 3425
Ms. WU Yee Ha Sr Nursing Offr(Private Healthcare Facilities)3 3107 8473
Ms. LEUNG Yee Wa, Annie Sr Nursing Offr(Advisory Committee) 3107 1121
Ms. LAU Yuen Ling Sr Nursing Offr (Quality and Standard) 3107 3069
Dr. LEE Suk Yin, Roselle Scientific Offr(Quality and Standard) 3107 3129
Mr. CHEUNG Ka Hin, Edward Scientific Offr(Day Procedure Centre)2
Ms. CHIU Wai Hang, Wendy Scientific Offr(Day Procedure Centre)3 3107 1120

Licensing Section
Healthcare Engineering Unit

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Mr. YUEN Kim Sang, Vincent Sr Engr (Private Healthcare Facilities) 3107 2665
Mr. CHAU Ka Ping Engr (Private Healthcare Facilities)1 3107 3464
Mr. CHENG Wai Keung, Paul Ch Tech Offr(Private Healthcare Facilities)1 3107 3435
Mr. TAM Wing Kwai, Kennedy Ch Tech Offr(Private Healthcare Facilities)2 3107 1202
1. For those calling from places outside Hong Kong, please dial the area code "852" before the telephone number (not applicable to overseas offices).
2. All data on this website are provided and updated by respective bureaux / departments.