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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Customs and Excise Department

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Mr. TANG Yi Hoi, Hermes, CDSM, CMSM Comr of Customs & Excise 3759 2001
Ms. HO Pui Shan, Louise, C.M.S.M. Dep Comr of Customs & Excise 3759 2002
Service Name Bureau / Department / Related Organisation Office Tel Email
General Enquiry Hotline Customs and Excise Department 2815 7711

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Customs and Excise Department


Deputy Commissioner of Customs & Excise

Internal Audit Division

Office of Quality Management

Quality Management Unit 1

Quality Management Unit 2

Administration and Human Resource Development Branch (AD Branch)

Complaints Investigation Group

Departmental Complaints Officer (Hotline)

Headquarters Duty Controller's Office

Integrity Management Group

Office of Departmental Administration

Confidential Registry

Establishment & General Section

Management Support Section

Personnel Section

Translation Section

Office of Financial Administration

Departmental Accounts

Expenditure Accounts

Revenue Accounts

Supplies Section

Systems and Management Accounting Section

Office of Prosecution and Management Support

Legislation, Orders and Procedures Group

Service Prosecution Group

Office of Service Administration

Service Administration Group

Staff Relations Group

Office of Training and Development

Hong Kong Customs College

Training Administration & Trade Controls Training Division

Training Consultation & Coordination Section

Training Development Group

Excise and Strategic Support Branch (ES Branch)

Information Unit

Office of Customs Affairs and Co-operation

International Customs Co-operation Division

International Customs Organizations Division

Mainland Customs Co-operation Division

Office of Dutiable Commodities Administration

Excise Administration Group

Excise Control Group

Motor Vehicles Valuation Group

Office Management and Support

Office of Information Technology

Information Systems (Trade Controls) Group

Information Systems Administration Group

Information Systems Development Group

Information Technology Management Group One

Information Technology Management Group Two

Office of Project Planning and Development

Project Planning and Development Division (1)

Project Planning and Development Division (2)

Project Planning and Development Division (3)

Office of Supply Chain Security Management

AEO Accreditation Division

Mutual Recognition Arrangement and Logistics Support Group

Office of Trade Single Window Operation

Trade Single Window Operation Group

Boundary and Ports Branch (BP Branch)

Airport Command

Air Cargo Group

Air Passenger & Apron Group

Cross-boundary Bridge Command

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Cargo Division

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Passenger Division

Office Management and Support Unit

Shenzhen Bay Cargo Division

Shenzhen Bay Passenger Division

Land Boundary Command

Customs Canine Force

Heung Yuen Wai Cargo Division

Heung Yuen Wai Passenger Division

Lok Ma Chau Division

Man Kam To Division

Office Management and Support Unit

Road Cargo Research Division

Sha Tau Kok Division

Smart Private Car Team

Ports and Maritime Command

Marine Enforcement Group

Ports Control Group

Rail and Ferry Command

Express Rail Link Division

Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Division

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Division

Lo Wu Division

Office Management & Support Unit

Spur Line Division

Through Train and China Ferry Division

Intelligence and Investigation Branch (II Branch)

Customs Drug Investigation Bureau

Airport Investigation Group

Controlled Chemicals Group

Drug Investigation Group

Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau

Intellectual Property Investigation (Administration and Support) Group

Intellectual Property Investigation (Operations) Group

Special Project Team

Unfair Trade Practice Investigation Group

Intelligence Bureau

Counter Terrorism Coordination Group

Intelligence Coordination Group 1

Intelligence Coordination Group 2

Intelligence Processing Group

Risk Management Group

Revenue Crimes Investigation Bureau

Revenue Investigation Division 1

Revenue Investigation Division 2

Revenue Investigation Division 3

Office Management and Support Unit

Syndicate Crimes Investigation Bureau

Financial Investigation Group

Special Investigation Group

Trade Controls Branch

CEPA and Trade Inspection Bureau

CEPA and Miscellaneous Controls Division

Trade Fraud Investigation Division

Trade Inspection and Investigation Division

Consumer Protection Bureau

Assessment and Support Division

Consumer Goods Safety Division

Toys & Children's Products Safety Division

Weights and Measures Division

Money Service Supervision Bureau

Compliance Enforcement Division

Licensing Control Division

Money Service Investigation Division

Risk Assessment and Support Division

Trade Declaration and Systems Bureau

Trade Controls Administration Division

Trade Controls Special Project Group

Trade Controls Systems and Prosecution Division

Trade Declaration Investigation Division

Trade Descriptions Investigation Bureau

Trade Descriptions Division 1

Trade Descriptions Division 2

Trade Descriptions Division 3

Trade Descriptions Division 4

Trade Investigation Bureau

Strategic Trade Investigation Division 1

Strategic Trade Investigation Division 2

Strategic Trade Investigation Division 3