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Telephone Directory of the Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations Enquiry email : 中文
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Independent Commission Against Corruption

Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email
Mr. PEH Yun Lu, Simon, SBS, IDSM Comr, ICAC 2826 3111
Mr. YAU Shu Chun, Ricky Head/Ops 2826 4301
Service Name Bureau / Department / Related Organisation Office Tel Email
Enquiry Independent Commission Against Corruption 2826 3110
Report Corruption Hotline Independent Commission Against Corruption 2526 6366

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Independent Commission Against Corruption

Office of the Commissioner

Administration Branch

International Liaison and Training Group

Team A

Team B

Team C

Communications and Media Relations Office

Personnel Section

Finance and Supplies Section

Staff Relations Section

General & Human Resource Strategies Section

Human Resource Development Section

Accommodation Section

Translation Section

Community Relations Department

Division 1

Management and Strategy Office

Mass Communication Office

Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre

International & Mainland Liaison Office

Youth & Moral Education Office

Division 2

ICAC Regional Office (Hong Kong West/Islands)

ICAC Regional Office (Hong Kong East)

ICAC Regional Office (Kowloon East/Sai Kung)

ICAC Regional Office (Kowloon West)

ICAC Regional Office (New Territories East)

ICAC Regional Office (New Territories North West)

ICAC Regional Office (New Territories South West)

Corruption Prevention Department

Division 1

Group A

Group B

Group C

Management Group

Division 2

Group D

Group E

Corruption Prevention Advisory Service

Group G

Operations Department